About me


My name is Michaela Nesvarova and I´m a Czech native speaker born and raised in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.  I´m currently located in the Netherlands, where I study Dutch in order to add another language to my expertise. However, I still come to Czech Republic very often. 
I´m a university graduate with a major in language studies and translation – I studied at Charles University in Prague, one of the oldest universities in Europe. I studied under many experienced and skilled translators and teachers, who provided me with the necessary tools to become a good translator. During my studies I focused not only on languages and linguistics, but I also studied number of other subjects – for example arts, history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy or psychology. I think such education is very helpful for a translator, because as a translator you do not only “copy“ words from one language to another – you have to understand their meaning and context, otherwise you will not be able to provide the readers with a quality translation, which sounds natural. 
I have passion for translating – I especially enjoy literary translation, which requires a great deal of creativity and skill. I have successfully completed “Course of Literary Translation” held by the “Czech Literary Translator´s Guild” (Obec překladatelů). However I enjoy translating in general and I like learning new things through this field – I double check everything and research all terms or words unknown to me to make absolutely sure I provide the client with great results. 
Why choose me:
- Czech native speaker
- University degree in language studies and translation
- Experience as well as willingness to learn new things
- Low rates
- Passion for my job
- Punctuality – I always meet my deadlines