I offer number of services related to Czech (and English) language. I specialize in English - Czech and Czech - English translation, but I will be happy to provide you with proofreading of a Czech text or a transcription of an audio or a video file in Czech or in English. 


I am available to provide professional and high quality translations in the following language pairs: 

English to Czech translation

I specialize in: 
  • Commercial translation
  • Website content
  • Literary translation
  • Social science (i.e. history, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, psychology etc.)
  • Academic texts (especially those related to social science or liberal arts)
I can provide you with any type of translation including:
applications, software, articles, cover letters, résumés, restaurant menu´s, interviews etc. 

Czech to English translation 

 I can provide you with general Czech – English translations, such translations include for example:
 website content, applications, personnel letters, résumés restaurant menu´s, articles etc. 
At the moment I am not yet legally qualified to provide sworn and legal translations. 

Translation price examples

Email:200 words
€ 6,-

App: 2000 words
€ 60,-

Website: 10000 words
€ 300,-


I can provide proofreading of Czech texts of any type or genre.

Proofreading involves revision of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and any errors that might occur in text (such as typos). 

Proofreading price examples

Article: 2 pages
€ 6,-

Website: 10 pages
€ 30,-

Book: 200 pages
€ 600,-


 I can provide transcription of audio or video files in Czech or in English. 

Transcription price examples

Interview: 10 minutes
€ 10,-

Interview: 30 minutes
€ 30,-

Film: 90 minutes
€ 90,-